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KNIT has picked up several new awards and nominations over the last year!  The award certificates received are Cannes International Independent Film Festival, Bloody Horror Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Awards, and the Diabolical Horror Film Festival!

DHFF-2020 KNIT Best Short Winner.jpg

This is a Most Exciting News Update! We're Super Honored for KNIT to be the SILVER AWARD WINNER at the 50th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival!

WorldFest was founded over 50 years ago as an International Film Society in August, 1961.

Leila Jean Davis was honored with the Best Actress Award at the Liberty Massacre Film

Fest for her role of 'Katie" in the Horror

Short "KNIT". 

KNIT won the Best Film Award at the Afterlife Paranormal Film Festival. Out of the 40 great short films we are honored to be chosen for this award. 

We are honored receiving fantastic accolades from the very dedicated, discerning Judges of the 2016 Spotlight Horror Film Awards!  More News and Updates on this Achievement to come!

CONGRATULATIONS to Leila Jean Davis for winning the March 2017 Best Actress Under 18 Award!

The Gold Movie Awards name the recipient and the directors, with everyone eligible to acquire the real gold clad statuettes (made by the same company as the Oscar Awards and Telly Awards).


The team is also eligible to attend the main Film Festival Event in London England beginning January 11, 2018.  

CONGRATULATIONS to Leila Jean Davis for WINNING THE BEST ACTRESS AWARD with the Barcelona Planet Film Festival!! 

It's Awesome for Leila to Receive this Award for her Amazing Performance in KNIT! 

CONGRATULATIONS to KNIT for being a FINALIST at the Motor City Nightmares April 2017 Film Festival!


We were honored to be a part of this outstanding Horror Expo and International Film Festival! 

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