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Directors:  Andy Kumpon  Gary Malick

Screenwriter:  Andy Kumpon

Genre:  Horror Short

One day, while using a popular broadcasting video app, a teenage girl named Katie discovers the truth about the urban myth known as The Old Knitty. They say that if you stumble upon Knitty’s live stream, and she happens to see you watching, she’ll call out your name, and mark you. She will then haunt you via any electronic device you happen to own or be on, sometimes weeks at a time. Through this, she sees into your soul. Your deepest, darkest secrets revealed. Her motives, unknown. Her intent, deadly. And all the while she knits you a beautiful gift. And when she delivers that gift... you die. 


And she can get anyone, anywhere at anytime. Online or offline, the curse of The Old Knitty can never be stopped. 


Knit Movie poster for KillerBeam Entertainment

Directors:  Andy Kumpon, Gary Malick

Executive Producer: Julissa Carmona Scopino, Marti Davis, Gary Malick, Greg Leib

Screenwriter:  Andy Kumpon

Genre: Paranormal Drama

Thomas is about to experience something truly amazing. As he deals with a personal crisis, both monetary and emotional, he must also mend a strained relationship with his parents, namely his father, Jack.  On a cold winter day, while walking his dog, Timber, Thomas encounters Jack, sitting on an old, abandoned bench in the middle of nowhere. What follows is an important life lesson - that the power of love can heal all wounds. And that intimate moment shared together on the bench will last an eternity.

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